Ali Gilbert selected as Top 50 Golf-Fitness Professional in America by Golf Digest

Golf Digest’s 50 Best Golf-Fitness Professionals in America list, the first of its kind by a fitness- or golf-media company, was compiled by Golf Digest’s expert panel of trainers, chiropractors, physical therapists and doctors who nominated their peers based on their knowledge of the game, their knowledge of exercise physiology and biomechanics, and how they apply both in working with clients.

“Imagine choosing any professional simply by walking into the nearest building and saying, ‘OK, I’ll work with you,’ ” says Ben Shear, Golf Digest’s Fitness Advisor, who first suggested the list. “You probably wouldn’t do that with a doctor, financial planner, or even a golf instructor. Yet, every day people go to their nearest gym and sign up for an individual training session without knowing whether the trainer is qualified. That’s how you end up getting hurt.”

Click here to view Golf Digest’s 50 Best Golf-Fitness Professionals in America.

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