Change Can Be Hard

Hormonal health in the body is a nexus of utmost fragility. The body is constantly fighting to maintain allostasis, it is stubborn in the sense of being a creature of habit. It doesn’t like change.

This is even more of a reason to remember when it comes to dosages and needs, everyone really is different and unique due to:

• Individual gene expressions

• Unique metabolisms

• Different adaptations/exposures

Simply: What works for you may not work for someone else.

A big example of this in the men’s health world is men trying to lower their estrogen as low as possible, whether on TRT or not. Men need SOME estrogen, just like women need SOME testosterone.

Lastly, don’t obsess over the numbers on your labs.

• Use them as data points

• Go by how YOU feel and not how the paper or someone reading it says you feel

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